Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Best and the Worst of the NFL

by Justin Rasile

Best 3

Denver (3-1)- Peyton Manning and those Broncos took care of the Cardinals this past weekend.  Granted, Arizona was onto their third string quarterback after Drew Stanton was knocked out with a concussion.  This Denver team is scary.  Their offense is clicking all cylinders and that defense is loaded with pro bowlers and talent that will be key in taking them deep into the playoffs.  Peyton just threw his 503 touchdown pass and will look to increase on that against a New York Jets team that is literally crumbling before our very eyes.  This game could be a blowout and very well could be over by halftime.  There is no stopping Peyton now as he has that look in his eye and will cut the throat of anybody who is willing to get into his way.

San Diego (4-1)- This Chargers team is impressing me more and more each week.  Philip Rivers is tossing that ball around at a very efficient rate; he is completing more than 70% of his passes, is averaging 8.75 yards per pass, and his 12 touchdown to 2 interception ratio is one of the best in the league.  Yes, they did just beat down the hopeless New York Jets but that defense did shut out that Jets offense for the leagues first shut out this year.  Impressive.  Branden Oliver was just inserted into the starting lineup after having a very impressive preseason.  Antonio Gates even went as far as to compare Oliver to former San Diego running back Darren Sproles, which if Oliver is even half of that comparison then he could turn out to be a pretty dam good back.  That defense is also adding to this teams mystique.  They are sacking the quarterback (12), forcing interceptions (3), and forcing/ recovering fumbles (8/5).  That is a recipe for success.  Next up for the Chargers is Oakland; need I say more?

Seattle (3-1)- Russell freakin’ Wilson.  Is there anything this kid cannot do?  In just his third year in the league, he has a very extraordinary home record as he has 19 wins and 1 loss, has won a Super Bowl, and he still manages to remain hungry week in and week out.  He did it all against Washington Monday night when he decided to run for a MNF quarterback record 122 yards, while passing for 201, and a total of 3 touchdowns against a Redskins defense that covered his receivers very well.  The next game for this Seahawks team is a very important matchup, as they will be playing against the Dallas Cowboys.  This game is in Seattle, which as we know is a huge plus for Wilson and his team.  DeMarco Murray has been a man on fire and it will take all that Seattle can throw at him to slow this running back down.

Worst 3

Jacksonville (0-5)- Another week, another loss.  Thankfully, the Jags defense decided to show up this week and held Ben Roethlisberger and company in check for the most part.  Antonio Brown was covered very well by Demetrius McCray.  Brown ended the day with 5 catches for 84 yards, but when McCray covered the Steelers number one target, he had 4 catches for 54 yards.  Pretty damn impressive if you ask me for a seventh rounder in his second season making his second career start.  Up next for Jacksonville is their divisional rival the Tennessee Titans.  This is actually a winnable game for the Jaguars but the way this season is going, even Charlie Whitehurst could win the game against those pitiful cats.

Oakland (0-4)- The Raiders are coming off a bye week where major changes were made to that coaching staff. The firing of Dennis Allen is one that needed to happen as well as the promoting of Tony Sparano to head coach.  It will be interesting to see how this team comes out of the gate Sunday when they face the Chargers.  Complacency is a killer in the National Football League and there is a very good possibility that could happen Sunday when Oakland plays the Chargers.  If the Raiders come out and run the ball down their opponents’ throats, they could catch San Diego off-guard and remain competitive in a game that is projected to be a blowout.

New York Jets (1-4)- Although this team has won one game, the Jets may be the worst, most dysfunctional team in the league.  Rex Ryan has overstayed his job by a few years and there is a possibility that he may be fired midseason, except for the fact that Woody Johnson has a woody for him.  For some reason Rex stays around.  Geno Smith or Michael Vick?  It doesn’t matter.  Both suck.  Eric Decker cannot stay healthy so this team has no offensive threats.  Then there is also the little issue of playing Peyton Manning and the Broncos this Sunday.  The Jets will be 1-5 staring into the face of a hungry New England Patriots team the following week in New England.  Hello top 5 pick in the draft.

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