Friday, September 19, 2014

What the Hell is Wrong with Jameis Winston?

Honestly, this kid has surpassed Johnny Manziel on the shithead spectrum. While Manziel was just a college jackass, Winston seriously has something wrong with him. Since becoming the starter of Florida State last season, he has had numerous run-ins that have really damaged his image. And if you think that this won't affect where he is drafted should he come out after this season, think again. There were always questions about how Manziel's game would translate to the NFL, but his party heavy lifestyle definitely affected where he was drafted. Mel Kiper recently dropped Winston from a top five talent to number 25 on his big board because of his transgressions.

His actions really will affect his draft stock simply because teams don't want to deal with the headache that he can bring. Everyone made a huge deal about how Michael Sam would be a distraction, but his name has barely been mentioned aside from signing with the Cowboys practice squad. Winston would be an actual distraction. Let's start from the beginning.

First, he was accused of rape. I don't need to spell out for you how fucking heinous that is. He was cleared by the Tallahassee police, but now he is being investigated again through Title IX by the Florida State Athletic Department. I'm really not sure if anything further will come from it, but this is a huge red flag for teams.

His other two run ins with the law really aren't that bad overall, but they do show a real lack of intelligence from the kid. The stealing of crab legs from a Publix is more well known because of all the hilarious photoshopped images that surfaced after the incident. Again, this really isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things but NFL teams will certainly question his decision making and maturity. The other incident that got into trouble was pointing a BB gun at people on campus. Again, not really that big of a deal but it is really stupid thing for him to do. It just shows that he clearly has no filter and doesn't really process the fact that he is held to a hire standard because he is constantly in the spotlight now. What team is going to want to draft him if they are going to have to assign a baby sitter to him?

The newest controversy again isn't too big of a deal in the grand scheme of things, but his judgment is so terrible its cringe-worthy. He screamed "fuck her right in the pussy" a bunch of times at the student union. This comes from a new fad where a guy dressed in a hoodie and sunglasses said it while being interviewed by a local news crew, and now people all over the place are trying to do the same. Again, its really not that bad, but it becomes worse when you realize the timing of it. He has just recently been cleared by the Tallahassee police of rape but the investigation is now being reopened by the the University. Screaming this at the top of his lungs in a crowded student union just shows breathtaking unawareness on his part. It also just shows a lot of immaturity that NFL teams are going to take note of when they are evaluating him. The fad isn't even that funny. Its the kind of shit that a 12 year old laughs at. Any more incidents might seriously cause his draft stock to fall. As it stands, a team desperate enough might take a chance on him. But there is no doubt that he is really he has a lot of growing up to do before he declares.

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