Friday, September 20, 2013

Best Games for 9/21

There aren't any. No joke, this Saturday's lineup is unbelievably pitiful. The only ranked match up occurring is between No. 23 Arizona State at No. 5 Stanford. Arizona State doesn't even deserve to be ranked after beating Wisconsin last week thanks to the mind-numbing ineptitude of PAC 12 officials. A couple games have some intriguing aspects, but there really isn't anything that makes you want to glue yourself to the couch. Fortunately for us, next week is when most conferences start their conference play, so games improve dramatically. If you really need to feed your addiction, here are a few games that could be worth tuning in to while you're repairing your engine, or building a deck, or whatever shit Lowe's commercials think all guys do:

Tennessee Volunteers @ No. 19 Florida Gators (3:30)
Why: Because it's the SEC and we are all so privileged to watch them play.

Michigan State Spartans @ No. 22 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (3:30)
Why: Who doesn't enjoy watching ND choke at home? Unlikely though as the Spartan's offense is anemic, but it is always fun to hope.

No. 23 Arizona State Sun Devils @ No. 5 Stanford Cardinal (7:00)
Why: Like I said, it is the only game between two ranked teams. Also a good chance for East Coast viewers to get a glimpse of Stanford and if they're for real.

So, there ya go. Don't bother to wake up to the refreshing smell of stale beer and pretzels on your shirt until 2 o'clock or so. Enjoy the weekend.

Saban's reaction to this week's lineup was similar to mine.

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