Thursday, September 24, 2015

Week 3 In Review

Some crazy stuff happened this past weekend, and my old format is not going to do it justice. So for this, I will just be providing little tidbits and thoughts from this past weekend's action.

  • Ohio State needs to get their shit together and in a hurry. They are not going to be in real danger against a team until either Penn State, Minnesota, or Michigan State rolls into town a month or so down the road, but they are following the same script as Florida State did last year. If they keep this up, I can see them getting dropped to the three or four seed in the playoffs and have a tougher game than what they really should. The coaches need to pick a quarterback and give him all of the first team reps in practice. Splitting reps is only hurting both guys.
  • I don't know if TCU is going to make the playoffs with how many defensive players they have lost. Last I saw, they have eight guys with injuries on the defensive side. Their offense has been looking a lot better since the game against Minnesota, but I could see them losing to Texas Tech this weekend in Lubbock considering their defense will probably only have a handful of stops throughout the game. This team needs to get healthy quickly.
  • We may have found our SEC Champion in just the third game of the season. Ole Miss is playing out of their minds right now. The offensive line is performing well despite the absence of Laremy Tunsil, they have legit receivers in Evan Engram, and Chad Kelly has been playing at a very high level. The secondary needs some tweaking, but Ole Miss looks like one of the top two teams in the SEC West which is clearly the stronger division.
  • Speaking of Ole Miss, I'm pretty happy that I didn't pick Alabama to win the SEC like a lot of pundits did. Granted I bought into the Auburn hype which has been a huge mistake, but Alabama looked aggressively mediocre in their home loss to the Rebels. Their quarterbacks all suck, the secondary is still a major liability, and Lane Kiffin is still a retard who doesn't give the ball to their star running back enough. This could be the worst season for Alabama in the last five years (yeah, I know, boo fricking hoo).
  • Despite losing several key players including their starting quarterback, Notre Dame looks to be in prime contention for a playoff spot. They currently sit in the sixth spot and just had an impressive win over Georgia Tech, a team thought by many to contend and even win the ACC. They have playmakers all over their secondary and Deshone Kizer has looked a lot better than anticipated at quarterback. If they can get past Clemson in two weeks on the road, I don't see any upcoming game in which they wouldn't be the favorite.
  • While we are the topic of Clemson and Georgia Tech, does anyone look like a threat to come out of the ACC and claim a playoff spot? No one from the conference has looked like a world beater, and being a relatively easy conference, one team is going to have to step up and dominate their competition in order to get a shot. Even Florida State has looked like garbage this season as evident by their 14-0 "victory" over Boston College. 
  • Two teams from the SEC West have just flown past each other in opposite directions, and it really could not have been in any bigger display of polarity than this game. LSU completely abused Auburn, a team hanging on by a thread after their game against Jacksonville State. Leonard Fornette ran for over 200 yards and three touchdowns on just 19 carries including some runs that looked right out of Madden. The quarterback situation for them still isn't ideal, but they still have plenty of options at receiver and have shown a stout defense through three weeks. They have a date is Tuscaloosa that could be the signature win they need to boost themselves into the playoffs. Meanwhile, Auburn has essentially blown their chance. Jeremy Johnson proved to be anything but the reincarnation of Cam Newton, and Muschamp hasn't been able to turn the defense around as quick as everyone predicted. 
  • This weekend's game between UCLA and Arizona could be the biggest of the weekend. With USC getting embarrassed by Stanford, the winner of this game will be in a great position to win the PAC 12 South. The Bruins were struck by some really shitty news today when Myles Jack, a freakish two way player (line backer and running back), would be out for the year with a knee injury. Arizona is actually getting their leading pass rusher back from an injury in outside linebacker Scooby Wright. This game will also feature two of the most exciting quarterbacks in Josh Rosen and Anu Solomon. Definitely tune in to this one at 8:30 on Saturday.

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