Tuesday, January 27, 2015

How to Fix the Pro Bowl

by Justin Rasile

The NFL Pro Bowl is an event in which the world’s greatest football (the real football) players meet up and play an “unforgettable” game. The truth is that this is the most forgettable game of the year.  There is a lack of effort from the players since nobody wants to play because of the possibility of getting hurt in a meaningless game, and coaches don’t want to waste their time trying to get a player to compete for the aforementioned reasons.  While so many people truly believe that the Pro Bowl should be cancelled, I have come up with an alternative that many may actually like.  The players should play a … FLAG FOOTBALL GAME.  What an idea.  But hear me out.  What do fans like to see? Offense. And in a game filled with incredibly gifted skill players, let them be loose and have fun.  Let the coaches and players create some ingenious and ridiculous plays that make the fans' jaws drop and crave more. Quadruple reverses, double screen laterals, and fumblerooskies.  This way we can let the offensive and defensive linemen rest and avoid catastrophic injury.  We all remember when LeBron James and Kevin Durant played a charity football game and how big of a hit it was. The players truly enjoyed it and people watched it, as noted by the hundreds of thousands of views.  Make this game a charity game where the NFL will pay $5,000 for every point scored in the game.  This will give the players more incentive to give a little elbow to the league while doing a good deed.  What about the money for the players? Currently, the players for the winning team of the Pro Bowl get $50,000 and the losers get $25,000.  I suggest changing that payout to $50,001 to the winning team and $49,999 to the losing team.  It will give the players some motivation to not be the losers because they don’t want other players hanging those two bucks over their heads for the whole next season.  Just my two cents on an irrelevant topic, but at least we aren’t talking about #deflategate.

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