Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Hey readers. Thank you for making it through the college football season and the inaugural season of my blog with me. As always, this year provided us with tons of incredible moments ranging from insane individual performances to teams doing a complete 180 from last season. It was actually a pretty seamless transition to the next era of college football as this year didn't have any sort of BCS drama after the conference championship game. America would have shit their collective pants if Ohio State had managed to beat Michigan State, but the Buckeyes fell and everyone knew that Auburn was the deserving opponent to play Florida State. As painful and soul crushing as the Ohio State losses were personally, I hope your team did well. Unless you root for Michigan or Alabama. If not, there's always next year (Cleveland's official motto. no, it really is).

Obviously now that the season is over, there is a bit less to talk about. To start the offseason, I'm just going to be recapping a bunch of predictions and whatnot that I made before the season and seeing how it stacked up against the true outcomes. While doing that, I am going to be working on an ambitious goal of preparing a lot of information for the upcoming draft. Since its a lot to handle, I'm going to be working with a friend of mine. We will most likely work on bringing info and analysis on the top five or six players at each position, and then come out with a mock draft based off of team needs. The NFL draft isn't for a few months, so expect a lot of stuff to come in between now and that time. Thanks again for all of your support.

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